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About us

JSC „Statybos strategija“ is an independent company specializing in complex engineering solutions, not related by any subordinating or other economic relations with any contractors or suppliers of materials, equipment, products; we do not perform any contracting works, as well as do not sell any materials, products or equipment.

JSC „Statybos strategija“ is a company based on Lithuanian capital, established in 2003, March 5th. The company provides designing, territory planning, consulting, project managing and construction supervision/management services in the following sectors: buildings of public or dwelling purposes, industrial buildings, territory development, engineering networks, transport communication. 

In order to constantly improve the quality of our services, in 2006, October 20, the quality management system was introduced; it meets the standards according to ISO 9001:2000 / LST EN ISO 9001:2001. The activity of the company is performed on the basis of company quality policy.  

The activity risk of JSC „Statybos strategija“ is insured with the obligatory general insurance cover for a building designer as well as with the professional civil liability insurance cover.

With the certificate Nr. 3194 issued by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, the right to perform building designing works has been granted. Building categories: special buildings. Building groups: dwelling buildings, non-dwelling buildings, engineering networks: plumbing, sanitation, electricity networks with up to 1000 V voltage. Designing works spheres: site plan; architecture; constructions; water-supply and sanitation; heat production (steamshops having power of up to 1.5 MW with water-warming boilers with temperature up to 115 degrees Celsius) and supply; boiling, ventilation; gas-fitting  - with the pressure up to 1.6 MPa; electrical engineering with voltage up to 1000 V; electronic communications (telecommunications); security and fire alarms; process management and automation;  preparation for construction works; construction work organization; economic. The certificate is valid until 2010, July, 1st.

JSC „Statybos strategija“ is an active member of associated structures. The main goal of the above mentioned associations is to strive for the public to realize the importance of the independent engineer-consultant in the modern process of construction, and for the members of the association to obey the principles of professional ethics as well as to provide only qualified and adequate services. Membership:

  • Since 2003 11 24  - member of Lithuanian Energy Consultants Association (LEKA)
  • Since 2005 11 22  - member of Lithuanian Design Companies Association (LPIA)
  • Since 2006 04 11 - member and one of founders of Lithuanian Association of Contruction Consultants and Supervision Companies (SKIPA).


JSC „Statybos strategija“ was set up in 2003, and from the very beginning the company has been an active market player and started shaping the company team. Throughout this period the company managed to consolidate its position in the market of engineering services as well as to win customers’ recognition. The increasing volume of services provided to our customers reflects our potential. Company goals are closely related to the principles of main activities, and those encourage to provide: 

  • Services of high quality, based on contemporary approach and modern  technologies;
  • Result-driven services, which meet and exceed customers‘ needs and expectations;
  • Complex services, constant monitoring from the idea  to its implementation.
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